Taking Care of Neck Injuries and Whiplash in New York

If you had a severe fall or a motor vehicle accident in which you may have injured your neck, do not wait until the condition becomes worse before you seek treatment. Sometimes, the effects are not felt immediately when you injure your neck. It may be several days or longer before you begin to notice the symptoms. These may include headaches, visual disturbance, stiffness of the neck, and pain in your shoulder, neck or arm.

The most familiar cause of whiplash injury is an auto accident. In a rear-ended collision, for example, the colliding force causes your head to suddenly fall backward and then snap forward when you apply the brakes. But many other accidents can cause whiplash, such as, any incident in which there is increased motion of the head forward and backward that causes injury to the neck or cervical area of the spine.

If you are feeling symptoms of neck injury, you may be able to benefit from an examination and treatment by a doctor of chiropractic. There are many chiropractors in New York who are renowned for chiropractic treatment for neck pain. The coverage is usually included in health insurance policies as well as automobile no fault insurance.


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