Relieving Back Pain In New York With The Help Chiropractic Treatment

If have been suffering from back pain and you are wondering what may be causing it, you may want to think about how your body moves. When your body moves, there are 24 moveable bones in your spinal column that move. Also, the 2 sacroiliac joints (where the spinal column connects to the hips) are involved to some degree.

If there are misalignments in your spinal column, these distortions may cause interference with the normal transmission of nerve impulses. Sometimes the resulting pain may be felt in the part of your body supplied by the nerves involved. For example, headache or arm pain may result from upper spinal disorders, or sciatic, thigh, or leg pain may be caused by lower or sacroiliac stress.

With the use of manipulation and other treatments, your doctor of chiropractic works to correct the spinal misalignments that are causing the pain and other health problems. Once your spine is properly aligned, the nervous system that flows from your brain through the spinal column can function normally again, relieving the pain and discomfort. So get rid of back pain in New York with the help of a chiropractic doctor.


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