Opt For Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy In Orange County, New York

There are a number of health care professionals who perform some type of manipulative therapy and these should not be confused. Medical doctors generally use manipulation to coax a joint through a normal range of motion. Physical therapists also use this technique. They may also stretch tight muscles and exercise weak muscles. There is also osteopathic manipulation which uses maneuvers designed to increase motion and relieve fixation.

Chiropractic manipulative therapy on the other hand tends to be more specific. It treats the body through the nerve flow, through specific interaction and interference to certain areas that are not functioning correctly. Good chiropractic technique is highly individualized. It requires the development of extraordinary tactile sensitivity and a high degree of analytic perception as well as an understanding of the function of the nervous system. It involves precise, delicate, maneuvers, requiring bioengineering skills and deftness. Rarely does the process cause any pain.

So, if your are looking for the best chiropractor in NY, then you have come to the right place. Dr. Harvey W. Stern is a renowned name in chiropractic care in NY and is known for effectively treating back, neck, leg pain, injury related pain and post surgery pain with functional neurology. Browse through the website to book your chiropractic consultation for free today.


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